Two Sides of the Moon






Simon & Schuster U.K
published 2004;
St Martins Press U.S.
published 2004
Econ-Ullstein Germany
published 2004
Sony Japan
published 2005


Two Sides of the Moon

With a forward by Neil Armstrong and an introduction by Tom Hanks Two Sides of the Moon is based on over two hundred hours of interviews conducted by Christine with Alexei Leonov in Moscow and David Scott in London.

Written in the form of interwoven memoirs the book tells the story of the Cold War space race through both men’s extraordinary experiences as the first man to walk in space (Leonov) and one of only twelve men to have walked on the Moon (Scott).

Reviews for Two Sides of the Moon

“A page-turner, a reminder that behind the high technology there was high drama.” The Guardian

“Compelling” The Sunday Times

“An extraordinary book” Arthur C. Clarke