Latin America



Beasts of prey

In Guatemala, women are being raped, mutilated and murdered in their thousands. Even little girls have to constantly look over their shoulders.
There is little chance of the perpetrators being caught — because often the law is right behind them. Christine Toomey investigates. Photographs
by Carlos Reyes-Manzo

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The Killing Fields

For decades, murderers, torturers and dictators came from many Latin American countries to a military academy in Georgia for ‘professional training’. Now thousands have learnt the truth, and are joining the campaign to have it closed down. Christine Toomey investigates

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Barking in Bush’s back yard

People who know him say he’s a power-crazed narcissist. He even left the head of a dead donkey at the door of a girl who spurned him. Others say he’s the rightful heir to Bolivar and Castro. So who is the real President Chavez of Venezuela, and why is he snapping at the heels of the White House? Photographs: Christopher Anderson

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The Amazon’s dirty war

In the Ecuadorean Amazon basin our thirst for oil has triggered an eco-disaster: wholesale pollution and catastrophic cancer rates. And a bloody turf war has broken out. Ecuador is taking a survival plan to the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. But will western governments listen? Christine Toomey reports. Photographs: Juan Diego Perez Arias

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Child sacrifice

For Argentina’s rulers during the ‘dirty war’, being childless was a problem easily soved: they simply stole babies and murdered their parents. Now hundreds of children like these are making a grim discovery. Christine Toomey investigates

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The ghost, the thief, his wife and her ego

When he was president of Argentina four years ago, Carlos Menem was accused of plunging his country into turmoil. Now he wants his job back – and to get him re-elected, his wife is raising the spectre of the sainted Eva Peron. Report by Christine Toomey. Main portrait by Eduardo Longoni

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Doing time with Panama’s demon general

General Manuel Noriega languishes in a Miami jail, convicted of drug traficking. Now he is demanding a new trial, claiming that he was set up by the American government and a Colombian drugs cartel. Christine Toomey was granted an exclusive audience with prisoner No 38699079, the former dictator of Panama, in his prison cell. Photograph by Nigel Parry

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Fidel’s Infidels

They once had a dream of an equal society, free education and health care in exchange for loyalty to the state. Now, 46 years on, Cuba’s communist regime lies in tatters amid increasing poverty and corruption. One day Castro will be gone — but the future could be even more frightening

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Coming up roses

Her death certificate said “housewife”, but Tina Modotti was a muse, revolutionary, spy, and a gifted photographer. No wonder Madonna wants to play her. By Christine Toomey

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Lover, traitor, soldier, spy?

Her name was Tania and she died in a hail of bullets on the run with Che Guevara. But who was this captivating and mysterious Mata Hari who was buied next to him?

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Don’t pry into me, Argentina

The Argentinians have a new president: the first lady has been voted into her husband’s shoes. But the combative, collagen-enhanced champion of the underprivileged they call Queen Cristina has some dirty laundry that she would rather not air in public. Christine Toomey investigates

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Manna from Havana

He was a wayward teenager whose father believed he was plagued by evil spirits. Now Carlos Acosta is a world-class ballet star — but he still dances like a man possessed

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