School of hard locks

Prison is not a suitable place for teenage girls, the government says. So why are more and more of them being put away? Christine Toomey investigates. Photographs by Harriet Logan

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Dumped on our doorstep

Thousands of children traumatised by civil war or trafficked for profit are abandoned in Britain every year. But this is no safe haven. Asylum is routinely refused -and now they face being sent home to be exploited, tortured or raped. Portraits: Jodi Bieber

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Give and let live

Would you endure months of gruelling tests, counselling and major surgery to become a live organ donor? Christine Toomey meets the people who are willing to go under the knife for a stranger

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Mothers’ ruin

Courts are increasingly ruling that women must live apart from their children after divorce. Is this an attack on working mothers or a reward for better male parenting? Photographs: Dirk Lindner

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The worst of both worlds

Being born of uncertain gender is the last sexual taboo. But why is the truth about “intersex” so often kept from the patients themselves? Christine Toomey reports

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Brown’s Britain

Two years ago, Gordon Brown denounced child poverty as “ a scar on the nation’s soul”. He believes that the government has fulfilled its promise to alleviate the problem. Christine Toomey investigates. Photographs: Ann Doherty

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What doesn’t kill you makes you older

Mark Ward caught HIV from a blood transfusion in his teens. Now, at 40, he has the body of a pensioner. Are the drugs that saved his life to blame? Portraits: Tom Pilston

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Who’s Your Daddy?

It’s a father’s worst nightmare — and perhaps the mother’s too: discovering that the child you’ve loved for years isn’t yours. Thousands of suspicious husbands are turning to DNA testing to find out the truth. Christine Toomey investigates the problem lawyers have dubbed ‘paternity fraud’. Portraits: Harriet Logan

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Mental cruelty

The lobotomy is deemed one of the worst crimes in medical history. But a modern form of it is still practised in Britain — and may soon be performed without the patient’s consent. By Christine Toomey and Steven Young. Portraits: Andy Sewell

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Would you be a hero?

What makes a mother wrestle a rabid dog, a man dive into a burning building to rescue a stranger, and a soldier sacrifice himself for the sake of his comrades? Only now are psychologists and scientists finding the answers. Portraits by Pal Hansen

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The Tsars come out to play

It’s blinis, not strawberries and cream at Wimbledon these days, as wealthy Russians turn “the season” into the seasonski. Christine Toomey reports. Portraits: Kevin Davies

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