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What Ferran Adria is cooking up after El Bulli

Ferran Adria’s scientific approach to cuisine has made El Bulli the top destination for gastronomes worldwide. Now the revolutionary Spanish chef is preparing to turn his restaurant into a culinary think-tank

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Doing time with Panama’s demon general

General Manuel Noriega languishes in a Miami jail, convicted of drug traficking. Now he is demanding a new trial, claiming that he was set up by the American government and a Colombian drugs cartel. Christine Toomey was granted an exclusive audience with prisoner No 38699079, the former dictator of Panama, in his prison cell. Photograph by Nigel Parry

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Manna from Havana

He was a wayward teenager whose father believed he was plagued by evil spirits. Now Carlos Acosta is a world-class ballet star — but he still dances like a man possessed

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Date with terror

This man’s young disciples, trained in the cause of martyrdom, wrap themselves in explosives and blow up innocent Jewish civilians. Christine Toomey was invited to lunch with one of Israel’s most wanted and implacable enemies to discuss the politics of murder

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Grief Encounter

For over 10 years, the children of Nazi war criminals have been talking to the families of Holocaust victims. Has this radical therapy done anything to ease the pain?

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Barefaced cheek of Boris Mikhailov

His photographs of naked women in the Soviet Union were banned by the KGB, and he was persecuted for his ideals. But, as his secret body of work shows, this audacious artist could not be silenced.

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Open Minds

From birth to gap years, says Christine Toomey, it’s vital to mark key events in a child’s life

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