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The New Face of Tibet

Next week the Dalai Lama steps down as political leader of Tibet-in-exile. His successor is an energetic Harvard lawyer who is also the son of a Buddhist monk and is a former “hardcore activist”. So will Lobsang Sangay be a tough operator in his country’s conflict with China? By Christine Toomey.

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Gender genocide

In India, nearly a million baby girls are aborted each year. And it’s not just an Asian phenomenon — ‘female foeticide’ is taking place worldwide.
Photographs: Heidi Levine

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Trouble in paradise

Rising seas are threatening to engulf the Maldives, so the president wants to buy a new homeland for his people. But should he instead be looking to build a new one on the grave of the old? By Christine Toomey

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The African queens

For most of the second world war, a young Jewish girl risked her life wandering through Europe. During her travels, she was adopted by wolves. Can Misha Defonseca’s amazing story be true? By Christine Toomey. Photographs Gigi Cohen

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Waiting in pain

They were termed “essential military supplies” – cargoes of girls as young as 11, kidnapped and herded into rape camps to keep troops happy. Today the surviving comfort women still wait for Tokyo to say sorry.

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